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Marché Place des Lices - Rennes

Marché Place des Lices - Rennes

We’ve been in Brittany now for a few weeks and it’s time to catch up on some blogging!

One of our first and most important stops was the Saturday morning market in Rennes. It is one of the largest markets in the country with hundreds of vendors and two covered market halls.


This covered “halles” seems to be mostly jams, honeys, baked goods, cheeses and other specialty producers. Where to start?


First things first! Time to get a Kouign Amann. This vendor had a beautiful display and it was honestly the best kouign amann we’ve had so far. Sweet and chewy with a nice bite from the salted butter.


They also had some yummy looking Far Breton which is a sort of cakey flan traditionally baked with prunes or apples. I should have purchased one of these too.


Here’s a whole display of nougat made with Breton sunflower honey. I have say this is the best nougat I have tasted in a very long while. The color and delicious flavor comes from the high percentage of honey used as a base instead of refined white sugar.


Speaking of honey, these local honeys collected in different seasons were also delicious. We went for the creamy dandelion honey.


The other covered area is a mix of seafood and meat vendors. It’s not really my thing so we kind of skipped that part.


Outside in the main market area, there are about a hundred different vegetable stands to choose from. It’s really the kind of market where you need to know who’s who. I used to shop here every weekend when I lived in Rennes, but I don’t remember it being quite so busy.


Even if you don’t know the market very well, you can just wander around until something catches your eye.

We’re coming back to this market in a couple of weeks, so I’ll have a chance to do a little more shopping around. Maybe we’ll try to get there a little earlier before the mayhem starts!

St Malo

St Malo

Cointreau Distillery

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