Welcome to our blog about our trip to France.

San Francisco - Bordeaux

San Francisco - Bordeaux

Air France. What can I say, other than it’s a universe unto itself. Here are a couple of highlights from our journey.


Welcome to Air France, an alternate universe where super models demonstrate the safety features on every aircraft.


A universe where artisanal butter comes in little foil-wrapped tubes. Well, ok. Only in Business Class. We sprung for the upgrade and we were thankful for it. Lie-flat seats, unlimited movies, drinks, etc, and a chic travel kit with everything you need to spend 11-13 hours on an airplane. We even had feather pillows and duvets. Bonne nuit!


It’s also a universe where planes drop out of the sky at 3am for an emergency landing in Reykjavik with no warning from the flight crew. One of the passengers had a medical emergency which necessitated urgent care. Once landed, a team of blond Icelandic EMT’s streamed onto the plane and removed the passenger. We waited another few minutes for refueling and deplaning the passenger’s luggage from the cargo hold. Very professional and considerate of them, don’t you think?


A few hours behind, we made it to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport! With only 50 minutes to pass immigration and change terminals, we made our connection to Bordeaux…


…We made it to Bordeaux, but our luggage did not. Fortunately, it was delivered the next day by courier. Needless to say, the travel kit provide by Air France came in handy!

Shopping in Bordeaux

Shopping in Bordeaux