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Saturday Market in Sarlat

Saturday Market in Sarlat

For some unknown reason, in France, most lesser-known cultural sites are closed on Saturdays.

The big chateaux and major tourist attractions are open everyday, but say, the last cave featuring authentic polychrome prehistoric art in the world still open to the public? No dice.

We’ll try the Grotte de Font-de-Gaume next week. In the meantime, what to do on a rainy Saturday morning? The market in Sarlat is the largest in the area. It’s popular with local and tourists, a rainy day is actually ideal.


First thing to do, find a parking spot for the SS Queen Elizabeth, our giant Renault. Mark parked her expertly along this hedge. Mirrors in!


We parked on the goods and wares end of the market which runs all along the Rue de la République. These soaps were hard to resist.


I did buys a few yards of this linen and cotton cloth to make a table runner or a few kitchen towels. A practical souvenir.


The main part of the market with the majority of the food stalls takes place in the Place de la Liberté.


There is a covered sections or “les Halles” with some high end venders. These giant doors really get your attention. How big is the key?


Your typical market customers inspecting one of the numerous displays of duck and goose related products.

For better or for worse, this town is really about one thing. It seemed like every store was selling the same stuff. Would it kill them to have a chocolatier on the main square?


The rain let up a little, so we did a little wandering on the back streets. Starting in the 1960s, Sarlat’s medieval old town was restored to preserve it for future generations.


Another charming little passageway.


Is this the way back to the car?


Take a right at the church….


Wait… gotta get one of these apple things. The seller gave it a spritz of rum before boxing it up. A perfect end to our market visit in Sarlat!

Le Feu de la Saint-Jean

Le Feu de la Saint-Jean

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac