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Monday afternoon, we paused our house hunting to visit the fortified town of Domme.

Located just east and across the river from La Roque-Gageac on a promontory overlooking the Dordogne, Domme was once a stronghold of King Phillip III. The town still retains many of the 13th Century features including the ramparts and several of the narrow “portes” or entrance gates that could be defended in times of war.


This is best views of the town and one of the “portes”, the Dordogne and its steep banks in the distance. Just wide enough for the Scenic to squeeze through!


This is the main shopping street. During the high season of July and August and on a nicer day, it would be chock-a-block with Brits and other tourists. It was almost deserted as we passed, perhaps because it was the lunch hours between noon and 2pm.

This view also highlights one of the distinguishing features of this type of fortified or “bastide” town, long, straight streets laid out in a grid pattern. Domme is slightly abnormal in that the ramparts follow the irregular shape of the hilltop, rather than the typical rectangle.


At the top of the shopping street, there is a park with the most magnificent view of the Dordogne valley.


Walking along the ramparts, hoping it doesn’t rain.


Each little street has its own charm. The gloomy sky adds to the atmosphere.

Another kind of “porte” - each house has a unique entrance.


I like this one with the tower. Great place for an office or an extra bedroom. I wonder what they used it for back in the day.


Parking is reserved for locals only. They zip around the streets, but avoid hitting the tourists… for the most part.


We had lunch in a little café called “des idées à la noix” which translates to something like Ideas about Walnuts. Their menu was pretty limited and a little pricey. It’s a tourist town so I was not surprised.


I did, however, purchase one of their walnut cakes, the local specialty. It was delicious. Sorry, Mark. None for you.

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Hunting for Girolles

Hunting for Girolles